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March 28th, 2013, 10:18 AM
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What is your favorite verse of scripture?
Luke 10:27; he answered, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind; and, Love your neighbor as yourself.”

I firmly believe that if we can do this, just follow this scripture right here then everything else will fall into place.

At this very moment, what is your favorite song?
Billionaire by: Travie McCoy Feat. Bruno Mars
This is me…. I would love to have all that money just to spread the wealth and make people happy.

Movie? Les Miserables…. LOVED IT!

TV Show? Grey’s Anatomy

Book? I’m a mom, I really don’t get a chance to read anything… Book, what’s that… hahaha

What does your perfect day look like?
My perfect day….. happens once a year…. Christmas! I love winter, snowing outside, a nice fire going in the fireplace (So warm, cozy, and inviting), family at the house for the day to spend time with each other, kids all giddy and excited to see what Santa brought them. Me giddy and excited because I get to cook and bake for my family, and I get to buy a whole bunch of presents for my loved ones and they cant say a thing about it, cause its rude… they better take my presents and love it! Haha! Seriously, you know Scrooge….. well I am exactly the opposite…. There is a reason that my xbox screen name is Mrs. Clause…. Hohoho! It’s never been about what I get materialistically… because being surrounded by my family and friends, sharing love and happiness and of course food…. That’s all I need.

If you could live anywhere in the country (money and proximity to family not being an issue) where would you like to live and why?
East! Some place where you get all 4 seasons. The spring is beautiful with flowers blooming, the trees and grass are the greenest you have ever seen. The summer is hot but not over bearingly hot. The fall is cool, and the trees have different colored leaves. Winter there is snow on the ground and fires going in the fire place… and my ex-husband is nowhere in the state…. That’s where I want to be.
Why? Who doesn’t want all 4 seasons…. And I would have my girls with me all the time…. I would never have to send Hannah away.... well except for like 6 weeks in the summer, but for me that’s more manageable that what I do now.

Favorite pasta shape? (Mine is penne!) Bow Tie pasta! It’s so formal…. haha

When you feel like splurging – what do you choose to splurge on:

1.) At a restaurant? The Melting Pot!! (Nothing like a girls night at a fondue restaurant )
2.) At the grocery store? Lobster, I love to cook Lobster at home, but rarely can
3.) Online? Shopping, of course… usually stuff for the girls
4.) When you have an hour to yourself at home? If I have to be alone… then it’s a bottle of wine in a HOT bubble bath….. If I can have someone… well include DH in the above

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