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March 28th, 2013, 10:21 AM
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This is all out of my hometown.

If you've been to Utah, you've probably heard of Antelope Island. It's in the Great Salt Lake and is home to a lot of wildlife(including antelope, bison, horses, and more), and a lot of awesome hiking trails. A few years ago, a running group started hosting events out there to increase awareness of the island and share the wonderful parts.

Last weekend was the annual Buffalo Run, and one spectator stupidly messed with the buffalo. News first started on Facebook, and then was picked up by the local paper:

Well, it's gone viral as of today. Local news channels picked it up, and now it made it to the today show as well:

I think the funniest was this email sent out today:
I love what one of the runners wrote from the Buffalo’s point of view:

Meanwhile, the headline in the Island Daily Gazelle reads, BISON WALKS AWAY FROM MAN ATTACK ANNOYED BUT UNHARMED. "I was in my favorite spot near White Rock Bay, minding my own business," said Earl the bison. "Then I hear a rattling behind me and some dude yelling at me. Well, I ignored him at first, like my daddy taught me. But then he began throwing rocks at me, calling me names, and saying things like, "Hey brisket, turn around so I can see you!" Earl said he had enough, and in self-defense he ran over and rammed the man into the chain-link fence. "I didn't want to have to do it but sometimes you have to teach these monkeys a lesson. I'm usually a pretty easy-going kind of bison, but sir I hate it when these guys come in here and act like they are the boss of me." When asked if the runners ever bother him and the other bison, Earl grunted and shook his large head. "Those guys? They are like the skinniest, most pathetic looking humans I ever see out here a couple times a year. Naw, they don't ever bother me. Although I've made more than a few of them crap their little shorts when I would take a few quick steps toward them just to mess with 'em." Earl lives on the island with his 3 cows and several children. "It's a good place to live, don't get me wrong. But with the causeway we get a lot of riff raff coming in here from time to time. Used to be a lot more safe when it was just them Garr folks." You can read the full interview in Sunday's edition

From the race director – we are now considering Run With Earl t-shirts for next year’s race.
This whole thing is getting pretty hilarious (luckily man nor bison suffered serious injury)

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