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March 28th, 2013, 10:33 AM
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Honestly, I think arguing statistics is pretty useless. I'm not positive about other countries, but in America homebirths account for less than one percent of all births. No matter what, your statistics will be flawed, when you compare 10 (at best) to 1000, there will be discrepancies, either for or against homebirth.

I think that it's very safe to say that every single woman in this DDC is doing what she thinks is the absolute best for her and her baby. I might disagree with your decisions, and you might disagree with mine, but it's easy to respect another mother, because I know that she's doing what she truly believes is right for her baby. There are risks in both hospital births and homebirths, and I'm sure that each of us have carefully weighed our options before making a decision.