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March 28th, 2013, 11:51 AM
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On the movement, it is scary when you go for a while without feeling much. Have you tried drinking something sweet like orange juice and lying on your left side? My baby must HATE when I am on my left side because she/he goes nuts. But definitely call if you are worried ... nothing worse than not having answers when a simple call can help to reassure you.

I'm ready for this weekend, but it sounds like now that the snow is gone (for now) we have a chance of thunderstorms. I don't mind them usually, we get them enough here in KS, but they are supposed to come in on Sat during the Easter egg hunt. Figures

So glad to hear you had a good evening with your SO. How are things going with him and the new schedule? Is he getting adjusted to it or is it still a struggle? I have to say, with the weather getting warmer and whatnot, even my DH who has been on nights for years is struggling a bit with his sleeping. Poor guys =\

I'm hoping to convince DH that this weekend we should get started on cleaning out the baby's room. I can see it from here and it's a mess right now. We have a set of bunkbeds in there I'm not sure what we're going to do with. It's not a very big room at all, if it was I'd just leave them for now. I'm probably not going to get it repainted until after baby, because there's a lot of wallpaper stripping and so on that needs done and I HATE doing that, but I figure we can at least get it set up and semi-decorated.

Annnd, I'm going to go make some Easter cookies before the boys get home from school, and then try to eat as many as I can before they actually get here Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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