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March 28th, 2013, 12:06 PM
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Hi Julie! Good luck with your upcoming IUI! I actually went straight to IVF, so I'm about to do my first IUI. I just started injections Monday, so here are the answers I have so far:

- what did you use? Follistim, Novarel, Crinone

- What did it cost? $40 copay for Follistim, $4 copay for Novarel, $40 copay for Crinone, $30 copay for each monitoring visit ( I think there will be 3) and $550 for IUI
- what dosage did you use? CD 3-6 100 IU Follistim (don't know the rest yet)
- did it work? praying for a BFP!
- did you have any side effects? and if so, were they as bad as clomid (or femara)? Clomid was dreadful for me and I was a witch with crazy mood swings. So far I've only had a mild headache with the Follistim
- what did your insurance cover? see above
- anything else I should know or ask about?? Who is injecting you? I'm doing the injections and they are all subQ. They are easy peasy and truly not painful *at all.* I just do one at night in my stomach with the Follistim pen.
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