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March 28th, 2013, 12:16 PM
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I am totally unqualified to offer advice, but I want to offer my support and positive thoughts for whatever you and Clint decide. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers daily, and I hope that whatever path you choose, it leads to another little Longhorn very soon

I don't want to threadjack, but I also want to quickly thank you for your blog. I comment, but then the comments disappear, so I don't know if you get them. Thank you for your willingness to share Ree with the world; my 2-year old saw her picture and said "Mommy, dat's a booteeful baby!" Thank you also for sharing your info on signs of cord doctor has ever mentioned that to me, but because now I know...I'm sharing it with everyone I can. Ree has already touched so many people, and her story is going to save lives.

Sorry, hijack over. Just wanted you to know I'm here. I'm reading. I'm remembering and celebrating Ree. And I think of you often

Melissa & DH
IVF babies Claire (5), Abigail (3) and George (3)

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