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March 28th, 2013, 12:22 PM
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My name is Kylie. I am 24 my birthday was just last Saturday! My husband is 28. We have been married just over 2.5 years. We have a daughter who is 16 months today! I am a stay at home Mom and my husband is a programmer. I love every show out there {Grey's anatomy, vampire diaries, once upon a time, revenge, the biggest loser.} I love to run, I have only run one full marathon (26.2 miles) and many halves but hope to run another full after I have another baby! I ran a half (13.1 miles) when I was pregnant with my daughter. I also love interior design! I graduated in Elementary Education. (k-8 grade)

We have been pretty bless in the TTC department. We got pregnant with my daughter by accident (one time not using protection) then I finally got my period back last November so we TNTP and got pregnant my second cycle but that ended in an early miscarriage. So we are now on the TTC board and are hoping we get lucky again!

I wish the best for all of you and hope we can I get out BFP soon!! I love seeing when someone gets one so please posts pictures!!
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