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March 28th, 2013, 01:13 PM
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Posts: 11,971 Tough options. My first instinct is hospital. Given the positive atmosphere surrounding your hospital options. I think that if the previous experiences were good and you totally love the doc and knows he supports you, it would be where I would be inclined to choose.

I can see the dilemma with home birth. If you were a bit closer, I would be all for it. But given your location...and being due in...maybe December (?) would worry me if something did not go according to plan that it would be quite difficult to get into the hospital or to a provider.

It's sad how needed that birth center really was in your area...for it to be that busy! I fear the same thing would happen here if we got would just be insanely in demand, thus making it a less ideal option come delivery time.

I guess you can always wait and see as your pregnancy progresses. Obviously any complications/high risk situations would make your decision for you (not that it would be good for that to happen) or if all is going just fabulous,you could make the decision to home birth.

Of the options presented, I would be inclined toward the hospital at this point in time. But, again, your hospital sounds pretty great comparatively and I think it's swaying me more toward it than if it were more hostile for NCB.
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