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March 28th, 2013, 01:44 PM
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What is your favorite flower?
Sterling Roses. They are the only rose that does not have thorns, and some times we need something perfect in a world full of thorns.

What does DH do for a living?
He is on the tech smart chat team for AT&T. Basically, reps in the technical department can instant message him with questions and he will help them or take their escalated calls. Most of the time though he gets special projects from his boss and higher up, which don’t make him feel very special and keeps him very busy. But on the bright side the higher ups know he is worth his weight in gold. I tried to tell them, but they wouldn’t listen. Silly men.

What color(s) are your carpets? A tanish brown. (I rent) If it were my own home it would prob be some weird color like a dark blue, or mauve color, or black! Prob black so it would be stain proof! Hey that’s not a bad idea… hmmmmm. Logging for future reference haha!

What is your biggest pet peeve with DH? (Y'all could prob guess at this one.....)

That intimacy is usually on the back burner. He like never thinks about it… and makes me feel like the horn dog….. I mean hey… we have only been married 3 years come next month and I still can’t stop thinking about him during the day at work…. But he like never thinks about it, which is so not like a guy (aren’t they suppose to think about sex like A L L the time?) He never initiates anything, it’s always me no matter how many times I tell him that some times a girl just wants to come home and get tossed on the bed while their man has their way with em.

Thanks for the tip Lucy.... I'll check it out

A BIG thank you to *Kiliki* for my beautiful siggy!

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