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March 28th, 2013, 01:51 PM
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It's sad because there are many schools like that these days it almost feels like the teachers nowadays don't really particularly care for or about kids! They speak to them in inappropriate ways and say inappropriate things to them. I had to tell my DD's teacher that i didn't feel what she said to my DD or her tone was appropriate for a teacher, no matter how mad they get they must always keep composure because they ARE the teacher, the adult in the situation. I have no problem going to the school BUT after me calling and or emailing twice it's not going to be good so I just try to warn them ahead of time. I also feel that respect needs to be given to both parties if the kids shouldn't yell or disrespect the tea her I feel they deserve the same in return...some teachers lose sight of that.

Good luck with the school (they don't have much longer this year) and Aaron will get it together

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