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March 28th, 2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by BirdsWifey View Post
I have totally been struggling with this decision. I feel weird about it for some reason. My 2 friends are throwing me a shower though and they want me to register! I guess I just feel weird telling people things I want when it is my 3rd kid. My friends said I had to because it's a girl and we need new things but I just feel self concious! In the end I think I will register but I will only put the smaller stuff like towels, blankets etc. The crib and everything we will do ourselves!
I don't usually register for the big stuff but my mom always ends up getting it for my shower anyway...I feel some kind of way registering for expensive stuff. This time around I will put the car seat and stroller on there because my mom told me too I am sure she is getting it..what's weird is although my DH has 3 children from another marriage they never had shower because no one liked his wife AT all and she had no friends and my first baby shower s with my DD who will be 14 so we have not had one in 14 years...

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