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March 28th, 2013, 03:35 PM
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Jaylen & I got one card done yesterday because our "quick" errands went from about 2 hours to 4 hours I had already done the leg work getting the 4 cards that need done layed out with Design Studio (I don't have a Gypsy and I got DS before Cricut Craft Room came out). So when it came time to actually do the cards we went downstairs and I got everything all set up....pulled my table out, connected Cricut to the computer and pulled my mat down....I can't believe how excited she was. I manuvered my images around and place pieces of paper on the mat so I only needed to cut once instead of a whole bunch of times. Once it was done I showed her how (and helped A LOT) how to use the spatula to pull the paper off the mat....she actually did pretty good, only took off one wisker of the bunny Then we laid things out on the card, by this time all she wanted to do was cut paper with her scissors...ok, here's the garbage can you can cut over that. She has a tendency to cut teeny tiny pieces of paper....just to cut them, so I wanted them in the garbage and not on the floor. I started glueing things down then she decided she wanted to help again, so I showed her how to use the little adhesive thingy I have (one of those Tombow way was I gonna let her use my ATG). She did pretty good with that too. Since we only got one done yesterday this morning she was asking if we could do another one tonight.....hopefully I posted the pics of it in the March projects thread.

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