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March 28th, 2013, 03:51 PM
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One of my twins had an issue with eating lunch. I took her to the doctor because we got to the point where she was either throwing the food away or hiding it in her room (in the toy box until I figured it out). I was worried about her weight, as she was already a very tiny girl. The doctor told me after looking her over that I should give her more one on one time. I showed up to school on occassion and had lunch with her to make sure she ate, took her on little excursions. Do you think he is acting out because he wants attention?

That being said, he could just have a really smalll appetite and not need a lunch especially if he is eating a big breakfast. Does he snack after school?

As for the rooms, it is a losing battle, to be honest! But for us it's with the teenagers! I swear their rooms are the biggest pigstys ever.
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