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I have irregular cycles and the ob i had didnt really do much for me,so after 2 failed rounds of clomid i moved to the re to see what my problem is. I had bloodwork last june (4 mos without a period) and then the re repeated it with an ultrasound. The re is more specialized and will take all of your history into account to see what tests if any would be useful. I actually had to repeat bloodwork and ultrasound bc when i thought i had my period it turned out i actually was in the middle of my cycle.

If you could get pregnant on your own, i would start there again. If not i would see an re and if needed i would start off with meds (clomid,femara) and go from there. The re will want to monitor you while obs tend to be more hands off from what i have experienced. The re will also set out a plan of attack as i call it to get you your bfp.

I am very sorry for you loss and i hope you can find peace and heal. I have only seen my re once, but she started off running tests to find answers. Good luck and wishing you and your family all the best.
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