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March 28th, 2013, 05:40 PM
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nine weeks 5 days
I can't believe I have not updated in two weeks, nearly three! Although the only thing I have to say is that I'm pretty sure this morning sickness junk is HORRIBLE!
Today the sun was shinnig and the snow was mostly melted wo I took a chair out to the porch steps and sat while the kids played, it was glorious! they only had to wear light jackets, and I got to sit in the sunshine! Then we colored easter eggs, which was also fun.. I'm a little sad that this year Fia didn't get hand prints all over her eggs, she kept dipping her hands in the dye last year and it resulted in the cutest handprints on the eggs.
I think I felt baby move once at the begining of this week, I have not felt it since then though. I was sitting and resting the corner of my regular journal on my belly while I was writing in it and felt this little retaliation. I love that feeling! I've tried to get it to happen again but no dice.
I also got ahold of the midwife and set up my next appointment, it isn't until April 22nd, and that kinda sucks, I'll be 13 weeks then and get the first chance to hear a heartbeat. I'm ok with it I guess... DH's birthday is the 24th and it will be a nice birthday present for him.. unless they hear two.. that would probably be enough to give him a heart attack LOL!
I also finally got my insurance set up and my PCP is a family doctor, I'm hoping that if I get an appointment with her I can get her to perscribe me something for nausea without refering me to an OB since I'm having a home birth... hopefully she will be supportive of that.
That's it for now.
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