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March 28th, 2013, 06:05 PM
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God heard some awesome prayers Colposcopy results showed nothing abnormal so the cervical biopsy was NOT needed Thanks for all prayers and thoughts. Now we can rest easy and move on with our plans!! My doctor just marveled over my CM.. I mean I was blushing because she kept going on with how much I had and how fertile it looked. So my next pap is in 6 months We also kind did a brush up of next month's cycle to refresh what needs to be done.

Since my cycle was kind of early this month (last cycle was only 26 days) I am to just call in on CD 1 and set up an appointment for CD 9 ultrasound, CD 11 ultrasound, and CD 13 ultrasound. If all looks great on CD 13 I will trigger and wait out for 7 days after O progestrone check and a beta at 14DPO, unless period shows up first. We were orginially just going to have to go in May 1st which was "my estimated CD 9" but to safe guard against AF doing what she does best, never showing up on time, I like this WAY better. After next cycle's "natural monitoring" they will have a better understanding of which meds we will go with. HOPING we can pull off a this month but if not, NEXT CYCLE is gonna be amazing

Thanks again for all the prayers and thoughts!! You girls are truly amazing!
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