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March 28th, 2013, 06:10 PM
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Wow girl that's a lot on your plate there. My DH is not saved either. But early in our relationship we formed our boundaries with my relationship with God. I can not suppress my love for God. I can not stifle it either. Either he can live with that or he can leave me. It's his choice. He is not allowed to belittle me and I do not belittle him for not believing. I do not force my beliefs on him. I do talk about my relationship with God and sometimes I read scripture to him when the group is reading something juicy I share it with him. He does ask me about my bible reading group from time to time. He supports me and I support him. I hope that one day God changes his heart. But me pounding him about it won't change anything. I have to live my life in love and hope he notices and wants what I have.

I will be praying a special prayer for you. I pray that whatever happens well is for God's glory but in your best interest also. If that means another baby then yippy! If not I'll pray for God's peace for you.

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I am needing a good Bible Study/ Devotional book based on KJV... Any suggestions?
What is the daily reading?

As a group we read the same bible passages every weekday. We email our thoughts or comments about the readings to thedailyread[email protected]. The readings are short and usually take about 5 minutes a day. The comments are compiled into one email, usually by 4:00pm. Everyone receives a daily email with everyoneís comments. For me personally, no other method of reading has done quite what these daily readings have done for me and my walk with God. Most group members will say the same thing. I now have a better understanding of the bible and as a result I am much closer to God. I am looking forward to seeing you participate in the group. Itís accountability, itís a learning experience, but what makes it great is our differences coming together in one reading.

I love this group.

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