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March 28th, 2013, 08:18 PM
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I'm planning on doing NCB in roughly 2 weeks and I just now got around to realizing I should get this figured out.

I'm going to be in a variety of positions at least at first, and there is a tub and a shower available for me to use at this hospital.

I do not want to model the bare-yer-butt hospital gown. I know I can do a t-shirt or something in place of that...but should I take a couple different outfits depending on what I'm doing? I can't imagine being in the shower and then on the bed in the same wet t-shirt. I"m probably overlooking something obvious..

but of all the things I could be stressing about (like, hello, PAIN!) I'm focusing on this! LOL. I do plan on at minimum taking an oversized 4XL T shirt and my robe, along with a pair of preferable thick socks.

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