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March 28th, 2013, 08:46 PM
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Awe thanks you guys. This is just so sweet! I love that I can share my news with you all! Its hard not telling people and not getting excited! I will definitely keep you posted with my appointment!

Lelila-I don't trust Dr's completely. I mean I have always asked my Dr to draw labs on me if I thought something didn't add up and usually I was right. It helps that I am in my last semester of RN school so I know what labs to look for. A lot of people aren't even sure what labs are involved and if you do you should ask your MD to draw them for you. I actually just got my family practice MD to do it for me. I do think thats crazy that your MD didn't draw any labs?!!! I mean even to make sure the HCG was out of your system??

To be honest with you what worked with me getting pregant, I think was accupuncture, because when I had a successful pregnancy with my DD I got accupuncture once a week for 6 weeks and had a successful pregnancy then I got accupuncture 3 weeks before I got a BFP this time. Have you tried that? I also get regular massage cause stress for me is a major indicator well at least for me with getting pregnant.
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