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March 28th, 2013, 08:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Lash View Post
FYI, Starbucks covers injectible meds for fertility cycles and you can get their coverage just working part time. Its an ****** pain in the arse to take a second job but it will be a big help especially if you need IVF. Ours were around $10,000 for MEDS alone and we only paid a copay for all of those meds. I was on very high levels of meds due to DOR

You could essentially just work a weekend shift at Sbux and have coverage. You only need 20 hours a week to get it (you or hubby could do it).
Which plan? DH is a shift manager at Sbux but I don't think we have med coverage. I have had clomid covered and femara as long as it's 2.5mg a day. When we tried to do 5mg a day they wanted to charge me $171 so my Dr just redid the script for 2.5mg for 10 days. Not sure what the new clinic will want to do re:meds so I have to prepare myself JIC we go back to inj. or to ivf
Now I am wondering if I picked the wrong plan or if it's a different state thing?
I know they will help with $4000 for adoption.
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