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March 28th, 2013, 09:18 PM
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Getting the prolactin down is going to be a *******. I've always had higher prolactin naturally and I have galactorrhea where I naturally leak even when not pregnant so getting my milk to dry up is a pain and I have no idea when it will stop. That is essentially what keeps me from ovulating again I assume at this point.

Acupuncture- never tried it, and need to start that right now. That's a good one.

We are so wiped financially from IVF and then adoption and then the funeral costs which are an entire IVF cycle ($10,000 for the funeral/burial plot/headstone etc). So all of that puts us in a place where we have to go as low cost as possible which SUCCKKKSSSS since having DOR means we need to move faster and not wait around and I'm going to have to work on resentment about that.

I can only imagine that I was being prepared for this somehow over the last few years. I specialized in PTSD with soldiers for years, and grief and dying and all of that, so I guess it was meant to help me know how to start walking through it when it happened to us. We were in a therapists office within 7 days. We go twice a week right now and will for sure keep going. That's yet another cost that I can't reduce and we have to absolutely do in order to be healthy.

I have far more information about cord compression and stillbirth, I just haven't put it all together in a short enough blog post to make it readable
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