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March 28th, 2013, 09:27 PM
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Thanks for all the feedback....really appreciate it!!! I like to get all the info I can before jumping into something.

So..update...the nurse called around 4pm. I am going in at 9:15am tomorrow for a baseline ultrasound and bloodwork. She already called in my scripts for Follistim (75iu) and Ovidrel for the trigger shot. I am very impressed...the pharmacy called me at 5pm and its going to be delivered to my door (no charge) TOMORROW. If they weren't able to deliver it, I was going to drive the hour away and pick it up in person. I didn't think they could do that so late in the day. That's fab. The downside is the cost...haha. They did 2 300iu things of the Follistim, but told me there's always an extra 100iu in each one, so I'll have basically 2 extra doses worth. The nurse said this is a lower dose that they are starting me out with. I'll have to come in about every 3 days for monitoring.

So....right now I'm kind of excited. more question.....maybe TMI, but both Clomid and Femara stopped my period within a day of starting taking them each cycle. Can I expect Follistim to do the same?

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