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March 28th, 2013, 09:41 PM
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We've been in our house for 9.5 years. When we bought, we figured on being here for just a few years. Then the housing market crashed, and those plans went out the window! Our neighborhood has gone through different phases. From REALLY bad, to not so bad, and in between. Unfortunately all it takes is one not so great group to move in, and things get bad again. Right now it's ok. In the past we've had our house egged, my car broken into, my FIL's rental car keyed, people trespassing (when I was pregnant with my 4 year old, I had to call the cops on a group of about 8 or 9 preteens that decided to lay in our side yard and hang out). I've looked out my front window and found pre teens sitting in the tree right by our front window. Caught kids in our backyard. Had to call the cops on a group of young adults that were threatening our elderly neighbor with a hammer. A few years ago my oldest DS and I went to leave the house, and found a teenager sitting in our front yard. It made me mad, but it wasn't unusual. Later that day we found out our other elderly neighbor's house had been broken into. The kid in my yard was the lookout. Nice. We've had stolen cars stripped and abandoned in front of our house.

A few years ago a mom and teenage son were shot to death when they came home to find someone robbing their house. Oh and I refuse to send my son to our neighborhood school. I see how the kids around here act, I won't have him sitting next to them in a classroom for 7 hours a day.

Our house itself is ok. It's not the style I would choose again if we were buying right now. We're hoping to be able to move in the next couple of years.
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