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March 28th, 2013, 09:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Lucy S. View Post
Which plan? DH is a shift manager at Sbux but I don't think we have med coverage. I have had clomid covered and femara as long as it's 2.5mg a day. When we tried to do 5mg a day they wanted to charge me $171 so my Dr just redid the script for 2.5mg for 10 days. Not sure what the new clinic will want to do re:meds so I have to prepare myself JIC we go back to inj. or to ivf
Now I am wondering if I picked the wrong plan or if it's a different state thing?
I know they will help with $4000 for adoption.
We've had it since he was just a barista, and I"m pretty sure he wasn't a shift back then or anything at that point (he's a manager now).

We also got the $4000 assistance AND the cup fund has helped with the funeral and they've given him 3 weeks off for bereavement at 66% pay. So really freaking awesome of them.

Clomid and Femara coverage is the one I don't know but I do know they cover the injectable kinds. It's definitely not by state, but I know we have the more expensive plan. Download the benefit plan description from the site

We had SO MANY meds, and our total copay at the end of them all was under $300
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