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March 29th, 2013, 12:05 AM
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Bad thyroid can cause pain in the feet... pain so bad you can barely walk or stand... pain that leaves you feeling like you've been on them for days, when really you've only been on them a little while....I knew it caused reduced healing, but it causes unexplained bone and muscle pain at healed injury sites, it makes new injuries worse than they should be. It can make it hurt to pee.. which makes sense that I thought I had a uti.. but the strips didn't show anything (little uti strips that detect ickiness in pee)....

It makes so much sense now!!!!!!!!!!

I'm doubting I'll let the OB clinic do a Pap on me... there is no way they can/will charge less than Planned Parenthood... It's been 2 years since my last one, and I've battled an STD since then (I had it then.. but it was too new to be detected... Unfortunately I don't have time to get one done before my OB appointment, or I would.

DH should be home in 27 or 28 hours... and of course he wants to do a MILLION things on Saturday... so there won't be much rest or snuggling going on. But he said I can come down and visit him anytime. He starts working more hours next week too... He'll earn an extra $400 each week the works an extra day... so I hope they keep him on the longer hours... someone needs to pay for my doctors visits!
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