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March 29th, 2013, 01:44 AM
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Hi everyone I'm 31 years old and i have a 9 year old son and a 8 year old daughter and i found out on march 6th 2013 i was expecting number 3 (i was 6 weeks) which was a bit of a surprise to my partner and i but we were so excited to be having another one. we had told close friends and family members as this was the same time we found out with our other 2 kids.

with my first 2 i was extremely sick for the first 4 to 5 weeks losing 8 to 12 kilos with them but with this one i wasn't sick just felt off but had tender breast peeing more frequently etc than on Thursday march 14th i started to bleed a little on and off it was bright one minute then dark the next so i didn't think anything of it until the Friday afternoon i passed a couple of tiny little clots then about 2 hours later i passed one the size of a 20 cent coin so my partner took me to the hospital were the nurse and doctor told me that i could be miscarrying but to go home and they put me on total bed rest until the Monday when i was to go to for scan to check things out so everything was OK until Sunday 17th march i went to the toilet and there was a bit more blood then usual as i walked back to bed i felt something fall out of me so i rushed back to bathroom to find that i miscarried and had just passed my baby, it was the worse feeling i have ever experienced my took me to hospital with the mass as i wasn't sure if that was actually it or if it was just something else i had passed but the midwife and doctor confirmed that i had passed my baby. i felt so empty inside i didn't want to talk about it to anyone.

this was my first miscarriage and you don't realise what other people go through until it happens to you and i really feel for anyone else that is going through this at the moment. I'm finding it hard to talk to people about it atm so i thought id share my story with you guys to get it all out and was hoping that you might be able help in telling how long it took for you to conceive again after a miscarriage
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