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March 29th, 2013, 08:09 AM
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Hmmm....this could get long since there are several kids here. LOL

Kelsey is being proactive and looking for alternate scholarships because she is concerned with losing hers due to GPA. At least I know she cares. She tells me she is not attending another school - she is staying there. We'll see.

Erin is working on her school paper. She is writing a huge paper on a turning point in US history and she chose the desegregation of schools. Her paper is complete with annotated bibliography, citations, and APA format. I can tell you her paper is comparable to one of mine written for college. I am sure that she wouldn't be doing this in public school and I never learned about that in 7th grade.

Andrew just took the state standardized test for math. His score went up 175 points and he just about got the maximum highest score. I knew he was good in math but I had no idea. There is a lego robotics club at school for 5th graders and he was invited to join (he's in 4th) because he can do that sort of thing with his eyes closed. He is already working on the hardest material they have.

Shane is finally reading a long book. He is an advanced reader, but never liked reading and stayed away from books with many pages. He didn't think he could read that much. He completed a chapter book, and now has moved on the Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke I believe. It's a pretty good size chapter book for a 2nd grader. The only thing I am hoping is that he will pick it up and read it because he WANTS to, not because I tell him to. Baby steps I guess.

Can I brag on me for a minute too??? I had to be observed the other day teaching a lesson from a university official. It went remarkably well. Better than I thought and I am glad it's over!!!

Thanks to Jaidynsmum for my awesome siggy!!!

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