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March 29th, 2013, 08:54 AM
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Honestly, I didn't give a seconds thought to what I was wearing in labor. Through my first one I wore jeans and a short-sleeved sweater I only took them off and put on a gown when I started to push. It just didn't cross my mind. But I was obviously not in the shower or tub.

My second I wore a long skirt and a t-shirt through labor. Although I did end up taking the skirt off because it got soaked from my water. But at that point, I was mostly in bed anyway (pitocin and monitoring).

This time, I am planning another long skirt and some sports bras (for shower or tub). I will prolly bring a pair of comfy PJ pants that I don't care about them getting ruined and a couple long t-shirts as well. I figure it will be helpful after labor as well, since ill want to be really comfy. I am hoping to not be at the hospital long this time around. We will see how it all works out
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