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March 29th, 2013, 08:56 AM
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Do you struggle, or hesitate, with trusting other people with your kids? Absolutely. I never get out because I do not feel good about leaving the boys with strangers.

Do you have a limit on how much you trust particular people? Yeah, I'm very skeptical. I hired a sitter when I started school, and I felt so good about her because she'd had great references and seemed very good. Well, she wouldn't show up some days, wouldn't even call, and when she WOULD watch him, she'd always insist on taking him to her house even though I had told her I wanted someone to stay in my house with him. Everytime she'd bring him home, he would be a dirty diaper. She'd say that he had just peed/pood while they were in the car, but I'm not a stupid person. The whole situation seriously damaged any ability I might've had to leave the kids with anyone else.

Is there anyone you trust 100%? I trust my DF 100%. He's a little lazy, but he does great with the boys and they usually end up having fun on their "boy bonding nights". I also trust Brig's father, who is still very involved with Bodhi. They have sleepovers at his house whenever Bodhi gets extra days off school. I hope one day I can trust DF's sister, and our neighbors up the street (I babysit for them and they are always begging to return the favor but I haven't taken them up on it yet).

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