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March 29th, 2013, 09:03 AM
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I love, home, whatever. I do "hog" the baby a bit, but I can blame it on bonding or wanting to establish nursing or whatever.

With Liam, the only person who saw him besides me and DH shortly after birth was my mom. He went to NICU for the night (he was born at 5:30pm) and no one else came til he following evening. And then it was my brothers, their girlfriends, my dad, and mom. The people I wanted there. They brought a delicious dinner and it was great. My MIL, other extended family, and friends came to visit within the first week. But I wasn't ever overwhelmed or anything. I enjoyed having them fawn over my new baby!

With Kieran, my mom was present at birth again, but I didn't share and she didn't hold him until she came back later that evening (he was born at 6am) with my older son. My dad came too. But everyone else came later in the week. Which was fine. Even better, my MIL waited all the way til he was 6 weeks to visit We don't have a lot of love lost, so it was nice to not have to host her sooner.

This time will be equally as free-for-all. My mom will be at the birth (as long as baby doesn't come between April 23-29th, which would be rather early) and everyone else will see baby after we come home from the hospital. We plan to leave in 24 hours again. It's just easier, given the new housing circumstances and the fact that my ILs will be in town the entire time I am just drawing all around boundaries. My parents understand they aren't in place for them, but to protect my sanity around my ILs. My friends will come in the first couple days too.
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