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March 29th, 2013, 08:32 AM
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I do have struggles with trusting people with the boys. It's less that I think they can't handle their needs than me wanting to be present and experiencing things with them.

There are absolutely limits on who, to what extent I trust them, and with what specific circumstances. Once I left Liam (he was almost 3) with my MIL, against my better judgment, and was angry at myself afterward. I came home to him trapped behind the end table, crying, with a poopy diaper and his entire back of his pants wet, he had not been fed anything (not essential, but I left cut-up grapes and cheese in the fridge), and my MIL was on her computer in the dining room. I was so mad and sad for Liam and because I did it to him. Especially because I was so hesitant to leave him. Sadly, I was glad I opted to take Kieran. She said she could handle both and I just wasn't comfortable with that. So, yeah, I now know to trust my gut on who. But of those I trust, I trust absolutely.

Yep. My mom, my dad, my youngest brother, Julia's godmother, my friend Cathy. I have never needed to broaden that circle. But I would trust most of my aunts, several cousins, and even my brothers GF if I needed care for some reason.

I am lucky, we have lots of folks around who are very invested in my kids and whom I generally feel confident in leaving them with.
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