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March 29th, 2013, 09:54 AM
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My youngest, who we say is "quirky", I am pretty sure there is something there with her.

I am wondering if it could be aspergers or sensory sensitivity. I will be getting her screened soon. I feel like I am always trying to explain, she isn't rude, or naughty. I don't let her get away with her "fits" she just can't cope with things. Or when a child tries to talk to her and she says, Mommy! I don't like this!. She isn't being mean, she is seriously scared.

When I talk to my mom she says I just need to spank her and not let her get away with it. She doesn't get it.

I don't want something to be wrong with my child, but I want answers so that I can help her cope, and help myself cope.

My oldest also has ADD.... and after finally finding a pediatric neuro who could explain things to us, it made a world of difference in helping our child.

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