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March 29th, 2013, 11:00 AM
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We have had problems with our postal guy at our apartment too April. So, you are not alone! We once had to track a package and it took the head person at the Post Office to finally find it. Yeah.... they found the package in the guys work desk?!! WHAT?! We have no idea if he was trying to steal it or what but it took a week of them saying it was never there (the guy marked package as undeliverable when I was at home the whole day). I agree - sooo madding!! And, we can never do mail stops anymore as even when we tell them to hold our mail it's delivered and they keep stuffing the small locked box full. We've before had several different bills that would get returned as unable to deliver because they'd pack the box to full and then return the mail. And, then we'd get a notice from whatever bill saying we have late charges and didn't pay our bill. Okay - - - so sorry!! This has turned into more a rant

Kara, I'd be livid!!! Not only at the mail person, but also at the neighbor and their dog!!!!

Kynslee is still in her crib at almost 10 - I don't think she's feeling too well. Yesterday she had a runny nose and then last night a cough. She woke a few times in the night coughing so I'm hoping she gets good sleep!
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