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March 29th, 2013, 11:34 AM
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I know my pregnancy hormones are making me more upset about this than I would be otherwise, but...

I'm on a sport forum and mama there posted a brag about her child learning a new skill in gymnastics.
The moderator immediately replied to her to tell her how her gym shouldn't let her daughter do that skill because her daughter isn't 5. (Her daughter is 4 3/4).

I replied to support and congratulate the mama and pointed out that 5 isn't a magic number. Some kids might be ready for that skill at 4, and some might be 6 or 7 and still not ready, but that I agree that the recommended age of 5 is probably there based on the average child. I also shared some experiences and information about developmental differences between children. There was a conversation about what is "safer" and not taking "risks" and I pointed out there are a lot of things that are safer that people don't do, and it doesn't mean the alternatives aren't safe. And I pointed out that in this sport (gymnastics) not doing it all is really the only "safest" option.

So the moderator I disagreed with sent me a "warning" for going off topic. HELLO?! HE was the one who derailed the topic in the first place. I get that he didn't like the point I made, but to me, that's a bit of a power trip. Anyway, I just deleted myself from the board because I don't have time for people who go on power trips. Could you imagine if the mods here "warned" every person who gave birth differently than they did, or fed their baby different, etc? We all share our differing opinions, but I'm glad there's a forum site like this where that is allowed and no one is "warned" for "going off topic" (when really it had nothing to do with that).

Power trips are just a pet peeve of mine, but add pregnancy hormones and it's a bad mix. I almost never post on that forum anyway (because I don't like how people treat some people there, as they were treating the mama I was trying to be supportive of) so I won't miss it. I shouldn't be surprised this is how they reacted to me supporting someone they were trying to tear down, either.
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