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March 29th, 2013, 11:42 AM
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Originally Posted by butterfly721 View Post
What was the STD, if you don't mind me asking? I had HPV, and I always want to talk to other women who have had it to compare experiences. If you don't want to say, though, I completely understand.
I had chlamydia which is known for causing PID (Pelvic inflammatory disease)... which can cause all sorts of fertility issues. I just assumed since I was tested AFTER being with DH for the first time, and had been tested between him and my previous partner (and there was more than 6m between them) that I was fine... And since they never sent him his results, we assume they were negative. Of course getting him to call and find out, is like pulling teeth from a moose. Of course, now that he's got the eye infection that Will NOT go away, he's starting to wonder if he/we still have it (chlamydia in the eye sucks, it's like pink eye on steroids). I haven't had any symptoms since treatment last summer (we suspect, and have been told, that the treatment is what caused us to miscarry in July).. and I had a LOT of symptoms prior to that, I felt like a whole new person after the round of antibiotics, prior to that I'd been on abx for UTI's 3x in 8m.... how, when they ran every test under the moon on me 3x they didn't pick up on the chlamydia I will never know....
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