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March 29th, 2013, 11:46 AM
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I've had them before, but never went to the Dr. for them because they pointed out I had one or two about ten years ago during an ultrasound but said they were normal. So when I get them, I just pass it off and wait for it to go away which usuall takes a week or two. Well the last couple months I've had a pain on my right side like I get with a cyst. I was ready to go call the Dr. to see if it needed drained, or something done because I'd had it so long. Then yesturday I was in horrible pain from it and almost went in, but I think it finally passed/burst. I feel much better today! Thank goodness! So I was wondering if any of you experience this? And does anyone know if that's possibly why we haven't conceived the last couple cycle's? Even though my periods have still been regular?

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