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March 29th, 2013, 11:57 AM
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I have an appointment with the gyno on April 10, which i think works out to be like CD100!! I'm sooooooooo tired of waiting for af since stopping the pill. I've been to the dr already around CD60 or something and they found that I had bv and yeast and treated me for it, and said to be patient, that it could take some time for my hormones to balance and my periods to return after stopping the pill. This wasn't MY dr though, MY dr is seeing me on April 10. My gyno is always booked up so I'm really happy to be finally seeing her. I want her to test my hormone levels or maybe even do an ultrasound to see if maybe I have PCOS. I can't wait to find out why my periods are taking SOOOOOOOO long to return. I stopped the pill on new years.

I read online that a common way to bring on a period is to drink parsley tea. I was thinking of trying it because I'm dying for af, just to get to CD1 again! Never in my life have I gone four months without having a period. Not even when I first started menstruating at 13. I never had problems while on the pill, and when off I've always been a little irregular but never had 2 months between cycles. It's annoying that now at 22 when I'm finally ready to get pregnant my periods just vanish. SERIOUSLY??? I remember when I was 18 and 19 my periods came every 30 days on time. I'm driving myself crazy thinking maybe I need to lose some weight, I weigh 140 lbs now and I was 120 lbs back when my periods were regular, maybe thats why my periods stopped. Or maybe I had PCOS and my drs just never caught it growing up. I've never had an std or surgery or injury or PID or anything that could have damaged my tubes. I JUST CAN'T FIGURE IT OUT.

I had a couple positive OPKs some days ago and don't know what to think. They could be random lh surges or maybe ovulation, idk. I didn't temp this cycle so I wouldn't know. I just really need to let go of my frustration somewhere so I'm not holding it in like this. I'm trying not to think about it and be patient but its hard when I'm wondering if my periods will never come back again one day.
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