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March 29th, 2013, 12:58 PM
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I was just lurking around in here and saw this and thought I would share our experience. My step-son was very angry, tired and threw massive tantrums two to three days after his kinder shots. At the time we didn't even know he had had them as his mom had gone without letting my DH know. So we had no idea what had happened. It went away after a couple of days and there seems to be no lasting effect. He is now 7 and he had them when we was 4. He had also had limited vaccines as he was born early and they were limited due to his size at birth and then later on were spaced very far apart due to all of that. It was a big shock to his body to have so many at once but after the rough couple of days it didn't seem to impact him.

Even though he has no lasting issues. He still won't even be getting multiple doses of vaccines again.

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