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March 29th, 2013, 01:05 PM
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Ughhh I hate that! I remember when I was on what to expect baby dd boards they had a month you where due then in that board they form what I called cliques like they would have groups that would be for each week in the month like for ex: week faith was days 1-7 n I just said I don't get why we have groups within a month why we just can't all talk to each other no matter if u due at the beginning or at the end. And people start snapping. I told them straight up it felt all high schoolish to me. People wanna jump on u just for having a different opinion or stating how u feel. We all adults n as long as u not disrespecting someone else n their beliefs, then just chill.

I hope I sound sane n you get what I'm saying. Just woke up from a nap n doing this on my phone lol

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