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March 29th, 2013, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Honestlymonique View Post
Ughhh I hate that! I remember when I was on what to expect baby dd boards they had a month you where due then in that board they form what I called cliques like they would have groups that would be for each week in the month like for ex: week faith was days 1-7 n I just said I don't get why we have groups within a month why we just can't all talk to each other no matter if u due at the beginning or at the end. And people start snapping. I told them straight up it felt all high schoolish to me. People wanna jump on u just for having a different opinion or stating how u feel. We all adults n as long as u not disrespecting someone else n their beliefs, then just chill.

I hope I sound sane n you get what I'm saying. Just woke up from a nap n doing this on my phone lol
No, you totally make sense I feel the same way. I want to feel like I can honestly and openly (though respectfully) state how I feel about things and I will respect others doing the same. I am not "sensitive" in that I want to prevent people from stating their opinion. I don't even really mind debate or heated discussions, so long as there are no personal attacks or name-calling going on. We can't agree on everything; I understand that. but to make someone an "outsider" because they have a different opinion is not a very adult way to handle something, IMO.

JM is one of the best boards IMO for how they handle things AND on top of that we are really lucky because our DDC is full of really cool ladies. We don't always agree, and that's okay. We debate sometimes, and that's okay. But we're all nice, supportive ladies that respect each other through it all (and most of it just fun, relaxing times!). It's a good environment and the best DDC I've ever been a part of for that reason
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