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March 29th, 2013, 01:15 PM
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I had my anatomy scan on the 14, where they found a short funneling cervix at 1.7. last week at the recheck the doc said it was at 0.7 and immedietly started prep for an emergnecy cerclage but changed her mind after talking to the surgeon. I was instructed to come back in a week and if they found it shorter we would re-visit the discussion for the cerclage. Yesterday the measurment was a 1.11 and the MFM decided that she was comfortable with discharging me from high risk care back to midwifes.She doesn't feel it will be necassary for any further cervix checks and said to keep taking the progestrone. This is at the naval Hospital. She told me and the manbeast that since I don't have a history of PTL and am over 20 weeks, the risk outweighs the benefits. I am a little nervous. At the original scan the doc talked alot of scarey stuff, the new doc seems less concerned. I am excited to be seeing my old midwife though, she delivered my last baby as well as follow my pregnancy before. I really think she will watch things close and do whatever to ease any concr=erns I might have.

Since delivery is done by whoever is on call at the naval hospital at the time (mw, docs only come in for high risk or a problem) It will be the luck of the draw of I get MY mw. The MFM said they would induce at 39 weeks because of my history of precipitous labor. I told her I am not comfortable with that, i want things to be as natural as possible. She tried telling me all the reasons its a good idea and in my head I agreed to disagree and come back to this talk later, with my lovely midwife. I did allow an induction with my mw for my last baby only becuase it was December and we had a freak cold spell right around his duedate. -19 degrees in North carolina at night, and I was afraid he'd come in the car like Alex did. I was unhappy about it then and still mourn letting nature take it's course. (I know it is stupid but I do) I love my MW> She actually set up induction for a day she wasn't on duty, but came up to L&D a couple times after I was admitted, and even stayed after work JUST to delivery the Toe. <3

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