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March 29th, 2013, 03:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Spyctre View Post
I was just lurking the boards when I saw your post. My sister's three children were all late walkers, and they are all brilliant children. Like gifted. One was over 2 before walking, and the other two were 20+ months. The first time I met the youngest, she was 18 months, and not even taking steps yet. Crawled everywhere.

My oldest was around 14 months before starting. My little brother was 7 months, and he has Autism. They all get there eventually. It does seem like some babies figure that mommy will carry them so they walk later. That's what the psychiatrist told my sister as well.
Thanks for the reassurance! Dd has improved since I wrote this. She is walking more. Not masterfully, but she is definitely taking more than a few steps. She quite literally walked across the living room just yesterday. A good 10 feet or so totally unassisted. She was just at her pediatrician a week ago and he said she's fine. She has improved even since that visit. I'm sure she will be walking confidently by this time next month.

It is hard to not compare her to other little ones her age. Especially when I see all the stuff her cousin who is only a month older than her is doing. But I just have to keep telling myself every baby develops differently.
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