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March 29th, 2013, 03:56 PM
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LEEP doesn't usually cause infertility, Dr is right there. BUT, make them watch your cervix when you do get pregnant. I've known people who've had LEEP to have Incompetent Cervix (dilate too early) and people who no longer dilate anymore than needed for AF.

PID can cause blocked tubes, causes pain during intercourse (which we've been battling for a long time), and infertility (from the blocked tubes usually). I've seen a BFP since the infection... so I know at least one tube is open enough to get knocked up... the big downside is there will be no way we can afford an HSG unless DH works full time for the next year (not likely).. or I suddenly get a full time job. They treated me for PID when they did the infection... but they can't reverse any damage that might have been done.

I'm still holding onto the hope that regulating my thyroid will magically fix me. LOL. A girl can dream right? I've always had pain during intercourse in some positions.. and that seems to be our issue... it's just worse now.

I was in BRU today.. I'm such a sucker for punishment. I should be either in the early stages of labor, or already have had Hope (her edd is Sunday/Monday)... not walking around BRU looking lost. But at least I got to look at the stroller and car seat I've been looking at and am now sure they are what I want. I even got to try to see if I could carry a 20lb baby in it.. and I can. LOL.
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