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March 29th, 2013, 04:57 PM
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While I'm not very active here I was at one time during my first IVF cycle. I still check in and read everyone's stories both new and old and sometimes post. So I hope you don't mind me posting this. I just thought I would share so people know who I am.

Name (user & real): loveneverfails- Katie
Age: 25

SO/DH: Patrick
Age: 28 - 29 soon
Do you have any children? Angel or otherwise? I have a 7 year old step-son. Twins on the way.

How long have you been TTCing: We are currently expecting twins but we were TTC from Oct 2010 to Sept 2012 before our 2nd IVF worked.

Where are you at in your journey (waiting, IUIs, IVF): currently pregnant with IVF twins

Would you like to share how you got to this point in your journey? We started "trying" or NTNP as soon as we were married in Oct 2010. We were really more on the trying side as we really did want it to happen then but we just weren't putting a label on it. By August 2011 I was dx with PCOS. We never thought to check DH since he had a son. 4 rounds of Clomid, HSG test, lap to remove cyst and endo. then we found out that DH has low motility, low count and 0% morphology. Our only chance with his sperm is IVF with ICSI. We jumped right into that right away. Did our first cycle July 2012. That failed. Second cycle in Sept/October 2012 and we are now expecting our twins. During IVF we found out that my eggs do not mature like normal even though my hormone levels were good. I did produce more with a med change but still had very few that were mature. Out of 14 embryos only 3 ended up being a decent quality. Two are our twins and one is frozen.

Anything else you would like to share? I know I'm not currently TTCing but I know we will again one day. I read others stories and when I have advice or can offer some sort of support from my experience I will post. I hope you ladies don't mind

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