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March 29th, 2013, 05:17 PM
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OK, OK. I might be a little paranoid. This probably is nothing but I HAVE to ask.
This is my fifth pregnancy. I was thinking I would experience everything a lot sooner.
I haven't felt the baby kick yet. I thought I did about 3 weeks ago for a day, but I haven't felt anything since. I felt my DD in my 2nd pregnancy at 15/16 weeks. I still don't feel "pregnant" yet and it is making it harder to connect with my baby for some odd reason.

When I lay down flat on my back I can feel my uterus two inches above my pubic bone. When I wake up in the morning, my uterus is up a lot higher and can feel it just below my belly button.

My doctor has yet to measure my uterus, but I know at 12 weeks baby was perfectly fine and healthy.
I am getting a doppler next week to ease my anxiety... but is this normal?? I feel like I have forgotten what it is like to be pregnant. (youngest will be 4 in April)

I am still getting symptoms. Breast pains, round ligament pains, braxton hicks, a little nauseous in the morning until I eat something. DH says I shouldn't worry but I feel like I should ask you ladies, since you are about as far along as I am. I am still terrified I am going to lose this little one, too.
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