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March 29th, 2013, 05:51 PM
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Mondays are just like every other day here for the most part. They get up and have breakfast, then go get dressed, make their beds, and brush hair and teeth while I nurse Hannah and get Sophia dressed. We usually start school at about 9:30, break for a snack at 10:30, finish up and have lunch around 1. I work on getting the youngest two down for a nap, and then the older two and I spend about an hour cleaning up. The rest of the day they spend how they want to (unless we have errands or something to do). I clean up some more and start supper. We have supper, and then head to skating lessons (although this will end in a couple of weeks). If I happen to be working on a Monday, it's the same routine, but with DH instead of me
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