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March 29th, 2013, 06:43 PM
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I had my suspicions ever since the 26th of this month. Took an hpt today.
I'm nervous. But I'm not. If that makes any sense?

I'm nervous because I'm not sure how he will react. The last time he said he would leave if I kept it.
I don't know if he will stay that this time, or not.

I believe he felt bad about what he basically made me do. And recently he has said things that lead me to believe if I make a different decision this time, he'll be supportive.

I'm unsure though if that means this time around he'll stick with me.

I'm also nervous because I'm older.

Now, the reason I'm not nervous is because after the last time I already decided under no circumstances can I go through another abortion. About 10 months later, I'm still dealing with all my emotions from it.

Basically I am happy thinking I'm actually going to go through with it this time.

But I wonder how I will tell him. I really want to wait.

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