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March 29th, 2013, 07:29 PM
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Yep. And then they basically said I was lying when I said there are 3 and 4 yo's doing back handsprings and back walkovers or "even anything close" because they have "NEVER" (cap locks their emphasis, not mine) seen that and that I am making it sound like I've seen MULTIPLE kids do it.

Well... that's because I have

by no means was I saying a 3yo SHOULD do a back handspring, but it bugs me when people call me a liar when I'm not lying, just because they don't like what I have to say.

3 year old back walkover - YouTube
"tiny little gymnast" 4 year old doing a back handspring alone - YouTube
first back handsprings (4 year old) - YouTube
4 year old gymnast doing back handsprings on trampoline - YouTube
4 year old back handspring - YouTube
Rylee {4 year old} Back Walkover - YouTube
4 year old gymnast. first back walk over! - YouTube
4 year old Madison best back walkover she has ever done - YouTube
Caroline - 4 year old gymnast - Back Walkover - YouTube
4 year old gymnast does whip-whip on training tramp - YouTube

I'm not saying it's a genius idea, but I am not a fan of calling someone else a liar in debate just because you are mad they have a different opinion.

That or what I am seeing in the above links is my imagination
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