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March 29th, 2013, 07:45 PM
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Name (user & real): KMH/Melissa
Age: 31

SO/DH: DH, married almost 12 years
Age: 33
Do you have any children? Angel or otherwise? Claire (2.5), George (7 months), and Abigail (7 months)

How long have you been TTCing: We prevented until July 2007

Where are you at in your journey (waiting, IUIs, IVF): Right now we are preventing...yes, I know that sounds so ridiculous. I had some pretty bad uterine trauma (had to scrape out placenta with metal tool ) when the twins were born, so I was advised to wait at least 6 months but preferably a year before getting pregnant again...especially if I want another VBAC. I think our family might be complete, but I'm having trouble letting go of the idea of trying again naturally for a while once I am healed. We also have 3 frosties. I don't know...I guess I don't have to know right now.

Would you like to share how you got to this point in your journey? Started TTC in July 2007. I had been waiting on DH to be "ready" so when we started, we really started...OPKs, we were both on vitamins, etc. to make sure it happened asap. Ha ha After a year I had basic testing done at my OB, had the HSG, and DH had an SA. Everything was perfect. Over the next year we did 3 natural IUIs, 3 IUIs with Clomid and trigger, I had a lap, DH had more specialized SAs...the only red flag was a failed post-coital test (done before any meds).

In October 2009 we started our fresh IVF cycle. 15 eggs retrieved, 13 mature. 5/5 fertilized naturally, 6/8 fertilized with ICSI. 2 embryos transferred on Day 5 and 5 frozen on Day 6. Due to low betas I was told the resulting pregnancy was not viable, but our little "Pokey" defied the odds

In January 2012 we did our first FET cycle. Transferred 2 frosties. Initial u/s showed one sac smaller than it should be and the pregnancy was deemed a "threatened miscarriage." Another u/s 9 days later showed 2 sacs and 2 heartbeats. After a fairly rocky pregnancy, George and Abigail were born (VBAC!) at 33w1d...perfectly healthy, just small. We spent 4 weeks in the NICU. They are now 7 months old.

Anything else you would like to share? I never, ever, EVER would have made it without my TTCMA family

Melissa & DH
IVF babies Claire (5), Abigail (3) and George (3)

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