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March 29th, 2013, 08:35 PM
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I have followed your blog for a really long time - since before you did IVF, I write on it now to let you know that I'm reading, thank you for allowing me to do that...

I cant put myself in your place, your strength is amazing and I'm honored that you have shared so much of Rhiannon and August and yourselves with us and how much you know about the reproductive medical field in general probably puts everyone else to shame...but, if I were in a similar situation...

I would go all in as soon as possible...probably injectables as soon as a dr would give an ok for it...I got Maiya with Follistim, no doubt that she wouldnt be here without it...of the 4 triggerable eggs, she was my one good one...

A few questions:
1. With doing IVF, what was the average FSH/AMH levels you had...I know AMH is better to judge DOR, but how much did it vary?

2. I'm a bit fuzzy on POF, does it basically mean that you have few good eggs - but not they have a reason why you have it - i.e. is there anything that you can take to help your numbers there?

3. I know you did an injectables cycle for IVF and did get a few growing good eggs out of it...what would happen if you followed the same protocol and did IUI instead? I mean, if you can get 5-6 eggs, would they let you trigger based on the fact that you have POF and most likely not very many of them are good eggs? I know that one of the ladies in TTCAfterLoss that was in her 40s and got pregnant and had EIGHT "triggerable" eggs with Follistim, and got pregnant with a singleton doing IUI (for me, they would have let me trigger and do an IUI with up to 5 eggs)...

4.Also, you mentioned that your prolactin levels were high? You might have seen this study (I ran across it because I was curious why so many ladies have so much trouble getting pregnant with their first, and then it seems to get a bit easier with a second...), it was talking about a group of women who had a full term delivery compared to a control group (women who didnt get pregnant) and comparing their hormones - FSH and LH didnt change, but there was a significant decrease in prolactin for the women who had gone full term: Long-term effect of a first pregnancy on the se... [N Engl J Med. 1987] - PubMed - NCBI
We observed no significant change in basal levels of serum LH or FSH or in the levels stimulated by gonadotropin-releasing hormone in any group. A significant decrease was seen, however, in basal and perphenazine-stimulated levels of prolactin after pregnancy in both the younger and older first-pregnancy groups but not in the controls.
Hope that wasnt too many questions, and I'm sorry for any ignorance with them...I wish that through sheer force of will we could all get you over that rainbow as soon as possible - you certainly deserve it! <3

PS-If you can bind yourself tightly, it should help getting the milk to stop, I'm sure that is not the most pleasant reminder right now on top of everything else that you have been through...

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